Banja Luka – Doboj motorway is the most significant infrastructure potential for further integration within the Republic of Srpska

The start chainage of the respective motorway begins behind the inter-regional intersection Mahovljani 1, and ends at the junction with the existing main road M17 (or inter-regional intersection Johovac 2), (Šešlije-Doboj section), in the area between the populated communities Johovac and Rudanka. This motorway section includes three nods: Mahovljani 2, Prnjavor and Johovac 1, type T intersection with tolling points.

We should note that the existing main road M16.1 from Banja Luka to Doboj, via Derventa, already plays a very important role in the European long-distance transportation system. For the large part of both RS and BiH Federation, this road is a major connection with western and eastern Europe considering that 50{69466a1df7ca8ee5ef18c4b91a5a8eca5927aaaa7254cacd155858c354d58ddd} of industrial and social potential of the RS is concentrated in the area along this road.

According to the physical plan, all infrastructure corridors, particularly the concerned corridor, must be included into the physical planning system in order to create the system of construction that will generally and permanently protect all the corridors. Continued and uncontrolled building in the area of transport corridors lead to reduced driving speed, reduced traffic safety and comfort. At this moment there are no political and legal mechanisms available to slow down or stop such processes.

Pursuant to the Physical Plan of the Republic of Srpska, the land around the motorway area is mainly agricultural land. Agricultural land is a natural potential for the spatial and community development. Therefore the Physical Plan has provided for some basic commitments with regards to the agricultural land making sure that such land is preserved as much as possible, and that the change of its purpose, especially change of agricultural land to the construction land, is minimized by gravitating to creation of complex and multi-purpose corridors instead of development of single infrastructure systems.

Length of the motorway section equals 71+912.51km.
Banja Luka – Doboj motorway carriageway is 10.70 m wide including two lanes of 3.75 m each, stopping lane 2,70 m wide and marginal strip 0.50 m wide.
At some sections, there are slow lanes on the left/right side of 3.30 m each.
The shoulder is 1.5 m wide and central reserve 4 m wide.
The Plan has included 39 bridges of total length 2,172 m implying that 5.19 {69466a1df7ca8ee5ef18c4b91a5a8eca5927aaaa7254cacd155858c354d58ddd} of its length is covered by the bridge structures.
The Plan has also included 35 small bridges of L=10-40 m span to pass small water flows through the motorway trunk. Local road network has also been included.
The Plan has included the structures with 5 m openings (box and pipe culverts) to pass small water flows.

As planned, the links of the designed Banja Luka – Doboj motorway will be solved by delevelled intersections:

“Mahovljani 1” node to connect the Banja Luka – Doboj motorway with Banja Luka – Gradiška
“Mahovljani 2” node to connect the Banja Luka – Doboj motorway with the main road M16.1.
“Prnjavor” node to connect the Banja Luka – Doboj motorway with the regional road P-474.
“Johovac 1” node to connect the Banja Luka – Doboj motorway with the main road M17.
“Johovac 2” node to connect the Banja Luka – Doboj motorway with the Corridor Vc.

Between the start and end chainage of the alignment there will be totally 78 culverts, 35 grease sanders, 34 overflows, and 33 reservoirs. Water flows of the river basins of Vrbas, Ukrina and Bosna will be regulated along the entire route in total length of 23, 459 m.

To provide the noise protection, the walls will be built to serve as noise barrier.

Two potential service stations along the route have been planned: one at the Banja Luka – Prnjavor section at 4+000.00 km and another at Prnjavor – Doboj section at 56+100.00.

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