Project details

The Interchange is designed on three levels: connection with Gradiška – Banja Luka motorway on the first level,

ramp (krak) from Doboj to Banja Luka on the second level and ramp from Gradiškato Doboj on the third or the highest level (maximum level is 139.0 on the center line of  138.737).

The Project includes construction of totally 10 structures as follows:

– Bridges on the left and right carriageways over the “Mahovljani Interchange”, L = 2×22=44,00m

– Bridges on the left and right carriageways “Riječani”, L=2×52,00=104,00m

– Bridges on the left and right carriageways “Veza 1”, L=2×10,00=20,00m

– Ramp 1, L=105,50m

– Ramp 2, L=580,00m

– Ramp 3, L=42,00m

– Ramp 4, L=22,00m

Finished level on the motorway has three vertical curves of the following ranges: 8000m, 40000m, 32000m (left edge) and 7500m, 40000m, 35000m (right edge).

Finished leveling is done with the small slopes, which is typical for this kind of site. Thus, the conditions have been met for the efficient drainage with no special requirements to introduce some additional drainage systems. Drainage of water off the carriageway is solved by a special water treatment plant (see Design of outside and inside drainage).

The Contract for the execution of works has been concluded with  OHL ŽS a.s.,  Brno, CZ  &Niskogradnjad.o.o., Laktaši, BiH. The works started on 14.04.2010.
The Consultancy Contract for the supervision works has been awarded to KuK Consulting South EasternEurope GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany and Projekta.d.Banja Luka, BiH.


Construction works of Mahovljani Interchange were successfully completed. Mahovljani Interchange is in function since Sunday, July 15.